Come see our beautiful horses!
Come see our horses!
  Friesian crosses and Paints.
Many of our adult dogs have conformation titles and herding titles.  Some have both making them dual champions! Our goal is to raise both conformation, performance and the best family pet in one package.  It is not an easy goal but we are striving to make the best citizens in the human and dog world.  Families are encouraged to inquire as our BC's are child friendly.   

 They are athletic performance dogs that are able to relax around the house but ready to go when it is time to work! They are eager to please and train  though consistent training is needed.  

Quantum Leap Border Collies are loved all over the United States, Canada and Internationally!
Above are 4-Her's from the Wabasha County area that participated in the Lease a dog program through the Wabasha 4-H dog project!  All earned a blue ribbon and three are going to the Minnesota State Competition!  Congratulations ladies!  Your hard work paid off!  I fully expect them to be going to the Minnesota State competing next year too!  
Congratulations to the 4-H Dog project competitors 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009!  Below are the participants that competed with our Quantum Leap Border Collies which attests to the temperament of our dogs!  

 Congratulations to a job well done and looking forward to another training year in 2005!  I am very proud of the progress we have made and am looking forward to the future! 

58664  Highway 42 
Kellogg, MINNESOTA 55945
(Rochester MN area)

Quantum Leap Border Collies has AKC and ABCA Registered Border Collies. 

 They excel at being Goose Control dogs, Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Herding, conformation and just being great family dogs!

 They are dogs with wonderful temperaments and are wonderful with children!  

We have a large variety of colors in our Border Collies and do occasionally have litters.  

Litters consist of blue merles, red merles, tri's, red and whites, and black and whites.  

All breeding parents are OFA Normal and Eyes CERF Clear or DNA clear.    

All puppies are sold with a contract to guarantee health.  We request references from prospective buyers.
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Bubba.   He is also OFA good hips and has had his eyes DNA tested to be clear of CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly).  This means he will never produce a puppy that will go blind from CEA.
Bubba's  mother, Cho, had both parents that are herding champions.    Bubba is now deceased.  We have his son Swarley!
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Welcome to Quantum Leap Border Collies!!!
Quantum Leap is no longer raising puppies!  We wish you luck in your search for a new family member.